Give employees the power of payroll data

Partnering with Truework lets payroll providers build custom experiences to improve data access and security for employees and employers on their network.

A network of partners, building for the future

Truework’s data network consists of modern payroll partners working to improve the privacy, access, compliance and security of employee data. The API-enabled network unlocks the power of payroll for employees while maintaining privacy and improving employer productivity.

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A trusted network

Covering 35,000,000+ employees

Through a diverse network of employers and payroll providers, Truework provides security and privacy controls to over 35 million U.S. based employees (and growing).

Our users

Used by 15,000+ institutions and growing

Over 15,000 lending, employment, background check and other organizations use Truework to securely and accurately verify applicant’s income and employment data. Truework’s extensive reach connects hundreds of employees to new financial opportunities every day.

Modern employers want to put employees in control of their data

For decades payroll data has been locked within legacy systems and inaccessible for employees. Now payroll providers can give employees total control of their own employment and income data, unlocking new financial products and experiences.

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Customized settings let HR teams improve the employee experience

With developer-friendly APIs, Truework’s payroll partners can build custom tools for their customers, helping employees reduce headaches during high-impact life events like buying a home.


Truework gives employees faster access to payroll data, reducing friction and increasing financial access for everyone on the network.


Payroll partners can offer employees and employers tailored privacy settings that promote true data ownership for every employee.


Payroll partners can build custom dashboards for employers and HR teams to monitor data requests while maintaining privacy.


Help employers save time with an elevated HR experience

  • Dashboards keep track of verification request activity while maintaining employee privacy.

  • Customized privacy settings and automatic notifications help employees verify payroll data quickly and securely.

  • Auto-generated letters of employment eliminates HR’s burden when employees apply for apartments, visas and more.

Secure Access

Improve access without sacrificing compliance and privacy

Truework was created to strengthen employee consent in an industry with a track record of privacy abuse. Truework operates as a Credit Reporting Agency, helping our payroll partners maintain the highest security standards to protect employee data.

We’d love to build the future of payroll with you

Join dozens of other platforms using Truework to improve the employee experience.